What has happened to American Democracy?

What has happened to the American Democracy?

A nation certainly built on the foundation of democracy should not experience such chaos. However, what the world has had to watch is definitely unprecedented. What has subsequently happened to American democracy, and how deep has it fallen? The world should consequently stop only watching. It is time to help Americans regain insight into the democratic rule of law. What happened to the rule of law, constitutionalism, the peaceful transition of power, …, etc? In the current scenario of the American Democracy in The United States of America (USA), the global community should certainly be astonished, if not disappointed about how the constitutional order has developed. Moreover, we have watched a leader fail his nation from all forms of decent argument and respect of law and order. Because of such collective ignorance, American democracy has certainly sunk so low.

“Our Democracy is under assault. … The words of a president matter.”

Joe Biden (06.01.2021 – 22:07 GMT + 1 Hrs)

The darkest moment of American Democracy

Today all nations should consequently reach out to their American allies. Most importantly, it is time to remind Americans about democracy in their darkest moment of American Democracy. Leaders should stop rubbing shoulders with any categorical support of any unconstitutional acts. What has happened is irreversible damage to American Democracy. A demagog has unfortunately sabotaged a legitimate constitutional, legislative, and electoral process. A person without any sense and sensibility of respect to any code of conduct. In the spirit of the United Nation’s Human Rights Charter, in Article 30:

Nothing in [the UDHR] Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

United Nations Human Rights Charter, Article 30 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The global community should think about maintaining the rule of law and constitutional order and therefore protect the will of the people from all forms of bigotry. Such a form of bigotry consequently affects the ability of the global community to reach a higher standard of human rights. If the type of political leadership at any level has such a low level of respect to the sovereignty of the people in the world. We should remember Great Leaders such as Nelson Mandela in South Africa, who never gave up on the fight for democracy. But they never lowered the standard below the dignity of all people. They never looked at the many years of oppression through the Apartheid system but sought a peaceful process.

Shame from the land of the American dream

What has happened to American democracy is a shame to the American dream. We have never seen such scenery in the USA. Many generations of people around the world have longed for the American dream. However, what has happened to American democracy is a shameful incitement. A distortion of peaceful means of the transition of power. Meanwhile, those who have incited people to act in such a shameful way are enjoying the safety and prestige of their political office. The world can finally conclude as follows. The demagog has consequently submerged the American patriotism in a mess of conspiracy theories and “alternative facts”.

Unite American Democracy

Let us all send a message of encouragement to the American people. First and foremost, unite across all social groups and respect the rule of law. Above all, seek peace and give each other a chance of existence. Because the greatness of your nation depends on peace and social stability preserved by all of you. To clarify, forget the divide and hold on to your principles of democracy. Avoid the trap of becoming a banana republic. Public service should be a service to the people, the sovereign. It is not the property of any person in this universe.

Finally, this should be a lesson to the world. That a presidency equipped with too much power is a danger to democracy and the rule of law. Additionally, autocracy and dictatorship are a danger to all people and their sovereignty. If this has shaken American democracy, then what is happening in people living under such conditions? Do Americans consequently want to live under such conditions? Think twice and reflect on outcomes and impact now and in the future. The life of current and future generations is in your hands.