Health Economics

Learn more about our research topics in Health Economics. Basically, Health Economics is the scientific branch of economics that deals with healthcare provision (supply) and healthcare utilization (demand). 

Therefore, health economics deals with the analysis of allocation mechanisms for health resources in society, or in other words, how society makes coordination decisions to meet the healthcare needs of its population. Economics as behavioral science influences health economics as a subbranch through the contribution of economic thought to healthcare issues. In summary, health economics is the branch of economics that deals with the decision-making of how to allocate resources to health provision in economies. Healthcare depends on global innovation of healthcare services and technologies, where a wide range of stakeholders are involved, e. g. health scientists, governments, vaccine developers, patients, the general public, etc. Which health institutions are necessary to have a well-equipped health system?

Health Economics
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What is health?

What is health? Firstly, health is a basic need of all living beings, whether they are humans, animals, or plants. The global, national, and local health systems, various coordination mechanisms, the necessary goods, and indispensable medical services, among others, serve the main purpose of guaranteeing the well-being of the entire biosphere in the world. Therefore, the health of all living creatures should be a universal basic need on a global scale. Health is global, universal, and affects all areas of life.

The Corona-Pandemic

What are the economic effects of a global pandemic like the Coronavirus (Covid-19) on the global economy? Coronavirus-Pandemic has affected all areas of global life e.g. trade, travel, production, etc. The Coronavirus is the current health issue that is stress-testing our healthcare systems on a global scale. How will the global economy deal with the pandemic? How does the pandemic affect our behavior, and which behavioral incentives and contingencies would help to resolve the Corona-Crisis? These and other potential research questions inspire our blog on health economics. Explore our research work, share, and give us your feedback.

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    Social distancing measures propagated by health experts and belatedly by governments worldwide as a means of health risk minimizer, are yet to unfold their full impact on health risk management caused by the COVID-19. Nevertheless, social distancing poses a high risk to the economic and social life of affected communities globally. Fears of a global economic slowdown have dominated discussions amongst the public, experts of different disciplines, politicians, entrepreneurs, and others.
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    How are Governments courageously dealing with the Coronavirus-Pandemic and the Corona-Crisis? Worldwide politicians are reacting very differently. Reactions to the pandemic have now become a war between optimism and pessimism. While some politicians realize how serious the current health crisis will be, others are busy procrastinating about an optimistic future. Early birds catch the worm and can navigate through the health crisis, taking leadership on flattening the pandemic spread of the Coronavirus.
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    The Coronavirus has caused the Corona-Pandemic disease COVID-19 ravaging human health around the globe. But are we at the edge?
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    Health shocks can also cause economic shocks (ceteris-paribus). The coronavirus pandemic is one of the health shocks that might unravel another global economic shock. Why is that the case? Fact number one, health is a basic human need. Consequently, the satisfaction the health needs requires human decision-making in all economies. Decision-makers face the challenge of managing the synergies between health and economics amid a health shock. How is the Scenario?
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    Monday 09.03.2020, will historically be remembered as the Global Corona Crash, a global health shock, that hit almost all economies worldwide. What will be
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