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Economic Consultancy in Freiburg im Breisgau

“Inspiring your learning process is our mission”

James E. Njoroge, M. Sc. (Econ.) CEO and Founder of Evansonslabs Consulting and Coaching

Evansonslabs Consulting and Coaching is located at the heart of Freiburg im Breisgau. Our core business areas are; (1) Freelance Lecturer for Economics and Business Management: the development and implementation of economic and management courses for institutions of education such international business colleges and schools, , (2) Business Consultant and Coach: management consulting and leadership coaching, (3) Economic Consultant: economic analysis of the impact of policy implementation, (4) Personal Business Coach: as well as economic consultancy to various private and business clients.

The People We Serve

We mainly serve both private clients and business clients in our local region in Freiburg, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. We serve a diverse set of stakeholders with different interests and goals.

Institutions of Education and Students

Our business clients are mainly insitutions of (high) education e.g. universities, international business colleges, secondary schools in search of a freelance lecturer to implement a curriculum. Since 2015 we have been lecturing economics and business management topics in various institutions of education (universities of applied sciences, business colleges and Schools), offering tailored examination preparatory courses to private clients (CEOs, apprentice, students, pupils, …, etc.).

Startups and Entrepreneurs

Other business clients are startups or entrepreneurs interested in setting up a business and in need of technical support in business strategy, legal implementation of a business plan, financial planning, accounting, … etc. We help you to implement your business idea in Germany, Europe and Worldwide. We are also open to international consultancy in Europe and abroad (African, Asia, America, Australia) in issues dealing with internationalization, global market analysis, research of industrial revolution and sustainability research.

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Our specialization

“Developing innovative entrepreneurial strategic concepts and imparting application-oriented and interdisciplinary economic knowledge is our Vision”

James E. Njoroge, M. Sc. (Econ.) CEO and Founder of Evansonslabs Consulting and Coaching

People, Organizations, Institution, Governments are examples of places, where decisions under consideration of several factors are made. With our services we accompany each of the stakeholder on their journey to develop their own sustainable strategic concept that aims to achieve the goals and objectives of our client. What is your current challenge/problem? Contact us to discuss issues in the following fields:

Abiturvorbereitung (3) Arbeitsmarkt (3) Basics of Economics (7) Behavioral Economics (3) Betriebswirtschaftslehre (2) Business Administration (2) Business Coaching (1) COVID-19 Corona Virus (5) Deutsch (10) Diversity (1) Econometrics (4) Economic Consultancy (4) Economics of Pandemics (5) English (15) Existenzgruendung (1) Financial Markets (2) Finanzmarkt (2) Freiburg im Breisgau (6) Global Crisis (4) Globalisierung (3) Globalization (6) Grundlagen der Volkswirtschaftlehre (4) Health Economics (5) Immobilienmarkt (1) Internationale Beziehungen (3) International Economics (3) Internationale Wirtschaft (1) Leadership and Management (2) Macroeconomics (6) Makroökonomie (5) Markets (4) Microeconomics (5) Mikroökonomie (3) Nachhaltigkeit (3) News (25) Prüfungsvorbereitung (5) Scientific Writing (2) Statistik und Oekonometrie (2) Studium (3) Unternehmensberatung (1) Volkswirtschaftslehre (3) Wirtschaftsmathematik (2) Wirtschaftspolitik (2) Wirtschaftswissenschaften (5) Wissenschaftliche Arbeiten (1)


Our services for German speakers

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Some Economic Insights

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