Education is an important and indispensable pillar of modern society. When did education become so important? Education is as vital as policies that seek to optimize the management of basic needs in an economy. In a society that relies heavily on intellectual property rights, information technology, processing, to name but a few, it is unavoidable to insist on inspiring people to invest in their knowledge and wisdom. Our goal is to invest in eduction in the young generation als well as in the rest of the population.

  • Our Credentials for Economic Consultancy
    Economics was my third-best option career after Aeronautical Engineering and Architecture respectively, but now I understand the reason why we need to share knowledge across disciplines.
  • The Economic Concept of Opportunity Costs
    The economic concept of opportunity costs is the most fundamental issue of economics as a social science. It explains the decision-making and behavior of economic subjects. Economic subjects are private households, firms, and the government
  • What is Economics?
    What is Economics, and how can students define economics as a science? In this article, our motivation is to find a general definition of economics. Subsequently, I will bridge between different angles of defining economic.
  • Sunset in Freiburg im Breisgau
    Watching the sun go down in Freiburg is one of my favorite events.
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