Scientific Writing

Are you looking for a consultant for scientific writing in Germany? You just found your professional writing consultant for your assignments. You will find us in Freiburg or book your online course directly with us. We will help you cope and resolve the challenges of writing a research paper in your university. Our focus is on research methods for Behavioral Sciences and Economics.

What we will do for you

It doesn’t matter whether you already have your topic for your bachelor or master thesis or whether you should only find a subject for your scientific dissertation. First, we will show you how to choose a scientific topic in your field of study. Then, we help you master your bachelor thesis and master thesis with tailor-made and professional writing advice. But before that, you can start by visiting one of the sources for research papers and journal publishers:

Reseach Methods and Scientific Writing

Writing advice for scientific papers includes the techniques of scientific work. We also offer the course Technique of Scientific Work as a scientific theory in most universities. With us, you can receive the course in individual lessons or attend our class in one of our partner universities. We help with

  • the brainstorming for a research project,
  • Planning of research projects,
  • Conducting surveys, field experiments
  • and for statistical analysis with R, Excel, and Stata.

Professional writing consultancy for scientific work

Our courses for scientific research methods guide students on how to develop skills in scientific work, especially in scientific writing. For example, how to strategically search for topics, design the research work, and also help to improve reading and structuring techniques. We also show you concrete methods for improving academic writing.

Solutions for Writing Deadlocks

We will guide you through your learning process and show you the best way to deal with writer’s block and how to find solutions. Our writing courses also offer individual writing consultation as one-to-one lessons. Our writing courses also offer individual writing consultation as one-to-one lessons. You can book your very own writing consultation appointment by email or request a free, no-obligation initial consultation.