Our Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision define our daily commitment to fulfill our social mission at Evansonslabs Consulting and Coaching in Freiburg. Both mission and vision convey who we are, what we want to achieve, and why we exist as an organization. By doing that, our mission and core values define the framework for our business activities, and the vision sharpens our focus. That leads to our commitment to serving our clients with our mission, vision, and values. Join us and be part of our mission, vision, and values.

Our Mission

“We inspire your learning Process!”

Together we will undoubtedly find your inspiration for your learning processes. As a learning organization, we aim to motivate all people outside and within organizations to learn. Consequently, we want to create knowledge. Every day we meet people who thirst for knowledge. People who motivate us to dedicate our energy, means, and capabilities to serve them. Above all, we deliver our services by dedicating our energy, standards, and abilities to create value for them. Likewise, we aim to impart knowledge and to qualify people in their education, professional career, and entrepreneurial thinking.

Our Vision

“We aim to create better learning processes to accompany your strategy with coaching and consulting towards achieving your goals.”

Therefore, our vision is to develop innovative strategy concepts for entrepreneurs, firms, academia, university students, and school pupils. We, certainly, aim to convey scientific and economic topics from an interdisciplinary, practice-oriented point of view (thinking outside the box).

Our vision aims to provide concepts for the strategic orientation, planning, and implementation of business ideas of potential and existing entrepreneurs. Together we look far beyond your business idea, plan, and processes. Most importantly, the integration of business management and economics methods and expertise is an essential element of the organizational environment in all areas of management.

Our Values

“Appreciating value, creating value, and creating valuable moments.”

We strive for sustainability, efficiency, quality, and responsibility in our social commitment. Together we can tackle the challenges that challenge society. Every step towards progress is valuable, needs appreciation, and we must create value to offer perspectives to the present and future generations.