Management Consultancy

With our practical experience and expertise, we offer you as a coachee tailor-made business coaching as well as economic and business management consulting. Explore the synergies between business consulting and coaching. We would be happy to provide you with information at your company, online or in Freiburg and its immediate surroundings.

Our consulting and coaching topics

Whether it is about

  • strategic business expansion,
  • Market Analysis,
  • securing the future of the company,
  • Setting up the administration,
  • personnel planning,
  • Profitability planning,
  • liquidity planning,
  • Generation change,
  • Crisis Prevention
  • or organizational changes

We offer you customized and confidential support for all decisions of your company, which reflect your situation. By doing that, we help you to optimize your objectives and develop suitable solutions for your business. We also create the necessary planning templates, technical calculations, negotiation planning, and result evaluation as well as dashboards for you to align your strategic considerations and measures with your company goals. All this helps you to have an overview of your business and successfully apply corporate management.

Are you asking yourself how you should run your business economically? Or are you thinking about how you can create a balance between assets, income, profit, and expenses? Whether you should purchase external services and goods or produce them yourself. For these and other management questions, we help you to develop optimal and practical solutions. You are part of the solution and the challenges of management through participation and inclusion in solution development. That is why we combine business coaching with management consulting to offer you complete services that meet your requirements.

The synthesis between management consulting and business coaching

The synthesis of management consulting and business coaching is an indispensable opportunity to simultaneously apply economic and business expertise, creativity, and motivation training in an inspiring way for our coachees. For you, this means productive synergies between methods, approaches, and solutions. Our consulting concept targets individual enterprises, small businesses, medium-sized enterprises (SME), and large companies. As management consultants and business coaches, we are at your disposal with economic and business management expertise, advice, and practical know-how to provide solutions for complex situations in your company. Our consulting approaches follow the principles issued by the Institute of Management Consultants (IdU) in the Federal Association of German Management Consultants (BDU) e. V.

Consulting for business start-ups in Freiburg

In particular, we focus on the consulting of new founders as well as entrepreneurs who want to develop their business plans and are looking for intelligent strategies for a flexible start in self-employment. We will help you create a step by step business plan, show you how to prepare, plan, and implement your transition to self-employment. We promote your ideas.