Happy New Year 2021

In just a few hours, a happy new year 2021 begins. We wish you a Happy New Year 2021 despite the challenges of the Corona Pandemic. No matter how you choose to start the new year, always be resilient. That’s because resilience gives you the power to create momentum from negative lows into positivity. What you experienced in 2020, whether positive or negative, is part of your life history. History or your life story is unchangeable, but your future is free and open to you. Be the captain of your ship in the new year 2021. Write your life story better now.

Review 2020 – Make a closing balance sheet and profit and loss statement.

Before 2020 becomes history, you ought to review your balance sheet and income statement. Start on a new page in the new year. Why is a review of the year so important, and why should you have a fresh start? Basically, it’s about letting go of the old year, letting it go, and reflecting back to learn lessons from the past year. Because the new year is a chance for a fresh start. Your current closing balance shows how much motivation is still left. Where your inspiration comes from, too. Your Self-motivation is your equity for next year. The inspiration from family, friends, work, and from society is your debt capital. The more self-motivation you can provide yourself, the better equipped you are for the new year. How well your self-motivation stands depends on your profit or loss in 2020.

New Year Outlook 2021 – Prepare an initial balance sheet and set your profit target and a loss limit.

To successfully move forward in the new year 2021, you need to set your annual goals. While defining your vital goals for 2021, remain open to discovering new things throughout the year. Be a breathing system that perceives potential opportunity and risk from its environment. Out of that, you can adjust your life strategy for 2021 as the year progresses.

But how can you derive your goals for the new year 2021? From 2020, derive your 2021 opening balance from the 2020 closing balance and the 2020 income statement. Whatever your 2021 life goals are, pay attention to your resilience. The source of your intrinsic motivation should not run dry. Therefore, set a profit goal and a loss limit for the new year 2021. Still, consider what might help you if losses or gains in 2021 are lower or higher than your set goal.

Our Strategy – Digital Learning 2021

Our strategy in 2021 is to continue to develop our digital learning programs. This includes expanding our online instructional offerings via Zoom for individual students, high school students, online consultations for startups and entrepreneurs in our region. We will not begin traditional on-site business until the Corona pandemic in Germany and globally begins to decline. We would like to avoid the risk to the life and health of our clients. Because the gain on risk avoidance is that together we can take new digital learning paths and optimize our learning processes. Be part of it and find out more about our digital services.