Synergies between Academia and Application

Synergies between academia and application are essential for innovation and development of society. How can we contribute? By building bridges between academia and application we can bring positive change to society. Specifically, we look for synergies between academia and real-life application in business management and economic consulting as well as coaching. Our goal is to inspire your mindset. Join us on our discovery journey to find synergies between academia and application.

“As an economist, I have a passion for looking at the world from different angles (both academic and practice-oriented) and seeking new solutions for the human civilization, developing them further, and creating new ways of human coexistence (coordination) in harmony with existing resources. So What is my specialty? To find out how, which, for which reasons, and with which consequences people make decisions in their lives.”

James E. Njoroge, M. Sc. (Econ.) – Owner, Managing Director, Consulting Economist

We provide teaching, research, consulting, coaching, and networking services in economics and business administration for clients:

  • Research and educational institutions, students, graduates, and pupils
  • Start-ups and private individuals (career advice)
  • (Solo) freelancer and commercial enterprises
  • Private companies and senior management
  • Public authorities and institutions
  • Global organizations

We accompany you with customized solutions according to your specific professional questions.