Merry Christmas 2021

family decorating their christmas tree. Merry Christmas 2021

“Merry Christmas 2021!” we will all say to our loved ones on Christmas. Yet it is another year celebrating Christmas amid a global COVID19 pandemic, but we must be optimistic, have hope and faith. You are probably looking for the best Christmas presents for your loved ones. But should we be thinking about material gifts or gifts for the soul? What is all about Christmas?

Christmas is about the birth of Jesus: Merry Christmas 2021

For many Christians worldwide, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, Son of Joseph and Mary, in Bethlehem. It is a season of remembrance of a gift to humanity, the good news of redemption. The scriptures cite that Jesus was born in a manger. Such a birth symbolizes a King born in circumstances of need. At the same time, the whole life of Jesus has many unprecedented and miraculous events; born by a virgin, descendant of David, King of Israel, to name but a few. How much of these events and circumstances remind us of the current times?

Christmas is about hope, faith, and love.

During these turbulent times in the Corona Pandemic, it is time for the world to revive the purpose of Christmas. Christmas should be about having hope, faith, and love. On the one side, hope is the expectation of things that have not yet happened, while faith is the confidence that things are yet to happen. On the other side, love is a deep affection (commitment) towards God and God’s creation. Love is the greatest amongst the three (1 Corinthians 13:13). 

Christmas is about humanity sharing hope, faith, and love. Ask yourself who is on your side regardless of what you are going through. Then ask yourself how much of your efforts you have invested in reciprocating these acts of kindness. And if they were acts of cruelty, ask yourself how much you resisted to return with hate, but instead to reply with love and compassion. When did you choose to be the light in the darkness?

Most Charitable Gifts in Christmas

The most charitable gifts in Christmas are not material gifts but deep love, hope, and faith. Show genuine love to people around you. Have optimistic hope and confidence (faith) to overcome the circumstances you face. The previous does not mean you should ignore logic by any means. But, love, hope, and faith complement logical thinking (rational thinking). 

As you pack those material gifts for your loved ones, package them with love, hope, and faith for their current life and future. Remember those who don’t have access to food, shelter, clothing, peace, health, among other needs. Chrismas is the moment to share gifts and time as a symbol of our love towards people and encourage those suffering through hope and faith that translates into fair and just actions. 

Christmas is about Sharing Risks with Society.

The Corona Pandemic has revealed the selfishness in society by demonstrating our willingness to sacrifice self-interest for the sake of social fairness. Haven’t we lost enough lives to COVID19? We all had and still have to safeguard the community’s health and reduce the negative impact of COVID19 by undertaking the right actions. The life you save today is the future you grant that person today. Let us all avoid spreading COVID19 for selfish gains. But let faith and hope convict us to investing in a better present and future for all. Christmas is about sharing risks with society amid the Corona Pandemic. Give someone a chance to say, “Merry Christmas 2021,” and say the same years to come.