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Economic Consulting Services

Our services focus on helping our clients to optimize their strategies in various ares of decision-making e.g. we assist in economic policy analysis, offer mentoring for start-ups and new entrepreneurs, teach and apply business analytical methods, carry out market research, offer business coaching, organize business management seminars and trainings among other economic and business management related services.

Consulting Topics at Evansonslabs

Mission, Vision, Value

Our mission is to inspire your learning process. Our vision is to develop innovative strategy concepts for entrepreneurs and offer interdisciplinary and application oriented economic topics. Our Values are: sustainability, efficiency, quality and responsibility

Our Strategy

Our long-term strategy is to develop a pool of interdisciplinary knowledge-base, where economic knowledge is integrated into other fields of science with the aim to produce long-term synergies between different field of science as well as application.


Our current focus in on developing economic consulting services that meet the interests of the following stakeholders: Institutions of higher education (e.g. universities and colleges), Students, educationalists, policy-makers and government agencies with focus on education.

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Economic Topics

Linear Regression

Linear regression belongs to the econometric methods of empirical research, which are applied in almost all sciences. Linear regression is set of econometric methods of estimating statistical causality between two or more factors (variables of interest).

Health and Economic Risk: Social Distancing as a Health Risk Management Tool

Social distancing measures propagated by health experts and belatedly by governments worldwide as a means of health risk minimizer, are yet to unfold their full impact on health risk management caused by the COVID-19. Nevertheless, social distancing poses a high risk to the economic and social life of affected communities globally. Fears of a global economic slowdown have dominated discussions amongst the public, experts of different disciplines, politicians, entrepreneurs, and others.

Economic Policy Adjustments in Germany and in the USA amid Coronavirus-Pandemic and Corona-Crisis

How are Governments courageously dealing with the Coronavirus-Pandemic and the Corona-Crisis? Worldwide politicians are reacting very differently. Reactions to the pandemic have now become a war between optimism and pessimism. While some politicians realize how serious the current health crisis will be, others are busy procrastinating about an optimistic future. Early birds catch the worm and can navigate through the health crisis, taking leadership on flattening the pandemic spread of the Coronavirus.