The Bridge between Leadership and Management

You are a leader! Leadership and management skills are the fundamentals of social and organizational behavior.

The Economic Concept of Opportunity Costs

The economic concept of opportunity costs is the most fundamental issue of economics as a social science that explains the decision-making and behavior of economic subjects. Economics subjects are private households, firms and the government as a public household. While explaining opportunity cost, focus on the question: why do people choose to do, consume orContinue reading “The Economic Concept of Opportunity Costs”

What is economics?

Economics is a social and behavioral science that explains the human nature of decision-making. Economics is an interdisciplinary approach to exploring human behavior in all forms of social, political, ecological, technological and legal environments. Therefore, economics can also be viewed as a dimension of the global environment (See SWOT & PESTLE-Framework) that explains the humanContinue reading “What is economics?”

Democracy in modernity

How modern is democracy?
Is the modern global society the Democracy we want and the World in which the future generations would like be born into? The current society needs to familiarize itself with the principles of democracy, amidst the current trend in society to neglect the willingness to diplomatic cooperative and constructive dialogue between different views and ideologies.