The Bridge between Leadership and Management

You are a leader! Leadership and management skills are the fundamentals of social and organizational behavior. Both Social and Business models rely on the behavior of those who implement them and associate directly or indirectly with them. Furthermore, in any societal arrangement there is always competition between societal or/and organizational members. Last but not least, there are those who feel much entitled to lead and sorely to manage the affairs of the society and organizations.

Frequently asked questions about leadership and management

  1. What is management?
  2. What is leadership?
  3. What are the commonalities and differences between leadership and management?
  4. How can the paradox between leadership and management be explained?
  5. Who is the leader and who is the manager?
  6. Where should leadership be practiced?
  7. Where should management be practiced?
  8. Where do you stand between leadership and management?
  9. Are you a “senior manager” or even the “chief executive officer (CEO)”, of “just an employee”?
  10. Do you feel attached to the organizations you work for through the leadership and management?
  11. Do you feel obligated to lead or/and manage affairs of your organization?
  12. Do you see yourself as the most appropriate person to exercise management and leadership?
  13. Do you demote other organizational members to the so called “subordinates”?
  14. Do you bow down to pave way for other to take the role of leadership and the role of management?

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