Our Credentials for Economic Consultancy

Economic consultancy deals with both local and global issues that affect the decision-making of organization, individuals, interest groups, society, governments and other societal settings. The Aim of economic consultancy is to offer methodology of understanding, structuring and resolving those issues that affect the society from different angles. If you are a local company being affected by global issues e.g. international trade policy in your businesses export destinations, you would like to know which strategies to apply in order to improve the sustainability of your local business.

Economic Expert from the Freiburg School of Economics

Our economic expertise originates from the Albert-Ludwig-University of Freiburg im Breisgau in Germany. At the Faculty of Economics and Behavioral Sciences we graduated with Master (M. Sc.) and Bachelor (B. Sc.) of Science in Economics in 2015 and 2012 respectively.

“Risk Sharing and Mobile money: Economic Impact of Mobile Money Technology in Africa.”

James E. Njoroge (M. Sc. Economics) (2015) Master Thesis at the Institute for Economic Research, Department for International Policy (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Günther G. Schulze)

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Importance of Economics as Science

Economics is the interdisciplinary science of decision-making that aims to explain:

  • The decisions made by economic subjects,
  • Content (what) , process (how), context (where) of decisions made,
  • Interconnections to other fields of study

So why is economics such an important science? Human beings (or any organism) are confronted with the need to make decisions and have choices about certain alternatives in their existence or life. Think about the needs you had today and the choices you had to make today. How satisfied were you with your decisions and outcomes? Economics formally describes such social events and settings within normative and positive theoretical models and verifies their real life applicability through empirical analysis.

My inspiration for Economics

Economics is my third field of inspiration after (Aeronautical) Engineering and Architecture, followed by Psychology and Sociology. I enjoy viewing issues from an interdisciplinary perspective and this is what makes Economics interesting. When you start learning economics, you may ask yourself; why some analysis seems to be common sense, but still has to be formalized in an economic model. Economics coexists with other Scientific fields. My encounter with economics started back in my home country, Kenya -where I did my primary and secondary education- before continuing with my Bachelor and Masters degree (full time studies abroad) in Germany. In a practical way, my Mother taught me household economics by endorsing me to manage finances at home at the age of about 10. This means that I learned about budget allocation and expenditure optimization at an early age. It’s a skill that young people should be taught at an early age. I thank my Grandmother for her unforgettable support, patience, faith and guidance throughout my studies in Germany. Without her endurance and sacrifice, I would not have had the opportunity to embark on this journey. We function as a team. My topic for the master thesis “mobile money and risk sharing: social-economic impact of mobile money adoption in Africa” was inspired by her. I wanted to find the roots of generosity, selflessness, charity (issues that shape the coexistence of people of different social environments).

More inspiration